remote coaching

YOU are very different from my other clients. 
Your unique genetic make-up, biomechanics, lifestyle habits, stressors and even your past and current injuries are what make you who you are, at least physically speaking.
As your online coach, I will fully understand these influential personal attributes of yours. Then, only then, do I go about charting a bespoke training plan to help you achieve your targeted health and fitness goals.
I’ll guide and empower you to find the belief, inspiration and of course technical training you need to achieve a state of peak health and fitness.

Why choose me as your online fitness coach?
Elite Personal Coaching

For two decades now, I have dedicated myself to professional fitness coaching, earning a reputation as an elite trainer, in both the USA as well as in Singapore. Having personally overseen the transformation of hundreds of clients, I know what it takes to take your body to exactly where you want it to be.


My online coaching service is priced at a fraction of the fee I charge for my in-person coaching sessions. The medium might be different, but the coaching is the same; elite, bespoke and very result-oriented. In these testing times amidst a full-blown pandemic, my online coaching gives you an opportunity to avail my professional fitness coaching services, for a very affordable price.

Train from Anywhere

Train from anywhere in the world. With just internet access, I can transform your living space into a gym. No equipment? Not a problem at all. My training can put just your bodyweight to brilliant use.

Log & Track Progress Online

You will be able to log and track your training progress online, through the TrueCoach training app I give you access to. Your training data is always at your fingertips. 


How do I deliver my online coaching?

Through TrueCoach: Online, But Still Very Personal

I use the TrueCoach app to deliver my online training to you. TrueCoach provides you with a comprehensive and intuitively easy to use interface to let you take full advantage of my training, as if I was there with you, in person, on the gym floor.
Here’s what you can expect from my online coaching, delivered through the TrueCoach app;


Videos with narratives:

I’ll personally demonstrate the exercises and movement I have

designed for your training workouts, in HD video, with accompanying notes.

Video submission:

Use the app to record your training and then submit them to me. I’ll then review your form and performance, adjusting your technique, rest times, sets and reps, your loading weights and if necessary, the very exercises itself.


I’ll lay out your workout schedule for you, well in advance. You can easily plan ahead for nutrition, recovery and rest.

Progress Tracking:

Track everything from your weight, your nutrition, your past workout schedule to even specifics like how much weight you squeezed out in your last squat. I’ll ensure that we make the most of the data we create from my training.

Instant Messaging:

I’m always an instant message away, through True Coach’s in-app messaging system. I respond to ALL messages. Just because it is online doesn’t mean it can’t be personal.

Strategy Session

You and I on a face-to-face video call, to discuss your goals, training history, lifestyle and your current fitness condition.

Baseline Testing

I’ll put you through a range of tests to establish your baseline. Expect a testing of your mobility, structural strength and strength capacity.

Nutritional Breakdown

I’ll provide you with a caloric and macronutrient recommendation, based on your targeted health and fitness goals.

Training Program Breakdown

After devising your bespoke training program, I’ll go over it with you, giving you a complete breakdown, helping you understand why you must do what I want you to do.

Periodic Reviews

By evaluating your training videos and your workout and nutritional logs, I’ll periodically review your progress, making appropriate changes, whenever and wherever needed.