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Nutrition Packages

Remote or in person monthly nutrition catch ups to support you and your specific goals.

Remote Coaching

Online programming will be provided and tracked using TrueCoach, an online media platform for support. Remote coaching packages include 1 x 30 min Skype call to discuss weekly progress and queries.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual programming will be provided via zoom on a 1-1 basis. Programming will be provided and tracked using TrueCoach, an online media platform for support. 

1-on-1 Personal Coaching 

Sessions start at SGD 250. 

Small Group Coaching 

Shared personal coaching session with a customised program


Learn how to get started with your nutrition by understanding how to track your food, learn more about your gut health and come up with a realistic outline that will get you in the best shape and health.

1 Month

$550 inclusive of initial consultation and bi-weekly catch up.

3 Months

$950 inclusive of initial consultation and bi-weekly catch up.

6 Months

$1,500 inclusive of initial consultation and bi-weekly catch up.


YOU are very different from my other clients. 
Your unique genetic make-up, biomechanics, lifestyle habits, stressors and even your past and current injuries are what make you who you are, at least physically speaking.
As your online coach, I will fully understand these influential personal attributes of yours. Then, only then, do I go about charting a bespoke training plan to help you achieve your targeted health and fitness goals.
I’ll guide and empower you to find the belief, inspiration and of course technical training you need to achieve a state of peak health and fitness.

1-on-1 coaching

To learn more about personal 1-on-1 coaching, contact Alex below:


Would you like to experience personal training in a group setting with like-minded individuals?
Are you not seeing progress with your current cookie cutter training program?
Are you ready to join our small group personal training sessions designed to help you achieve your personal goals?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

1. We begin with a consult to discuss your goals, priorities and training history.
2. We assess what your fitness baseline is.
3. Start training with your individualised program!

Say no to copy-paste programming and hello to individual sustainable approach.