Schedule a Consult With a Fitness Coach


Ready to prioritise your fitness goals? Working with a Coach means customised training, one-on-one attention, and accountability. Start here. Ask questions. Get answers. Learn how working with an OPEX Coach will transform your training.

Meet Your Coach On a Video Call


In this 60-minute meeting, you and your coach will get to know each other. During the calL, your Coach will ask about your goals, training experience, and lifestyle habits — information they’ll use to create a customised program that helps you reach your full fitness potential. Going forward, you’ll meet your Coach every month for a video catch-up.


Perform Your Physical Assessment


To get started, you’ll do an assessment, performing a variety of movement tests to identify your current skill level and establish your baseline strength and endurance levels. As you progress in your training, you and your Coach will use these assessments to monitor your progress and ensure you’re constantly moving forwards. 


Start Your Training 


Access your tailored daily, individual training and lifestyle program through the CoachRx app on your phone, complete with detailed personalized notes and instructions from your coach. At the end of each training session, you can update your stats, review historic performance, and chat with your Coach about your training. Your Coach will use this data to guide your monthly consults.


Reach Your Goals


Keep in close touch with your Coach via anytime messaging and monthly catch-up calls. Your Coach is in it for the long haul, ready to celebrate your wins and offer encouragement and support when you need it. Working together with an OPEX Coach will help you achieve your goals sustainably.